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We’re kicking Big Tech to the curb

We all understand Big Tech censorship is one of the biggest problems of our time, but few know HOW it works. The fact is, Big Tech controls the ad exchanges used to monetize most websites. So when they can’t directly remove stories they disagree with, they squeeze publishers out of revenue by demonetizing that content. That’s fine with us, but when that happens, their algorithms bury those stories so you won’t see them at all. We won’t stand for anyone policing what you can and can’t consume. We’re done playing their game.

What's different about Blaze News?

At this point, it feels like real journalism is dead, but it doesn’t have to be. Blaze News has always been dedicated to bringing you the stories that matter to you. Now, we’re expanding that. As things continue to get more chaotic we want to provide you with more tools than ever before. That’s why we’re bringing you more analysis, more opinion, and expanding into investigative journalism.

Get VIP access to the biggest names in conservative media

Save even more by bundling your subscription with BlazeTV+ and unlock access to endless hours from Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Allie Beth Stuckey, Jason Whitlock, Phil Robertson, and many more! You’ll also get access to documentaries, scripted series (coming soon), and more bonus and exclusive content for subscribers only. You will also be invited to our subscriber-only video live chats with your favorite BlazeTV hosts.

Frequently asked questions
Why do I have to subscribe in order to read some of your articles?

We strive to keep as many news articles on our site free for all to read. But since we’re no longer taking ad revenue from Big Tech, we rely on our subscribers to keep our mission going. We believe if you’re paying for something you should see value, that’s why we reserve our top premium articles just for our subscribers.

What do I get for my subscription?

First and foremost, we’re ensuring that the information that Big Tech most wants to keep from you, is being created and we’re leading with it front and center. Everything we do here - from our investigative journalism to Glenn’s famous chalkboard specials - exists because of our subscribers who believe in what we’re building.

But beyond that, you get access to premium articles and analysis that will arm you with knowledge you can actually use. We’re not just interested in complaining about the woke madness taking over the country. We want to stay ahead of the culture wars - and we’re going to make sure you are right along with us.

If you bundle your Blaze News subscription with BlazeTV+, you will also get access to endless hours of bonus video content from your favorite BlazeTV shows. You’ll also receive invitations to our subscriber only video live chats with Glenn Beck, Jason Whitlock, Sara Gonzales, and all of our BlazeTV hosts.

Why did you get rid of ads on your site?

We got rid of ads because it’s a backdoor way for Big Tech to demonetize and downgrade content. Most of our audience don’t even know when it happens because the story that gets downgraded doesn’t show up in their feeds or search results. We believe these are the stories that are most important to get to you.